Welcome Israel, to our “Muslim” Nation

At a glance reading the above letter, some uneasiness appeared deep down. Trade relation with Israel? Are you serious, Najib? Having any kind of relation with this satanic state is Haram, even more so, having relationship that will reward much more benefit to them.

I can’t believe this, as Sunni nation, you guys accused Iran as Jewish proxy, the army of dajjal, and many idiotic comments, how unfortunate of you guys having such a blind eyes and mind, that if you just open up a little bit more of your conscious, it’s easy to spot the truth.

Najib, this is unforgivable. Are you want to be in the same ship with them in hell? Not to mention, you have agreed to send peace keeping(more like “dictator-keeping”) mission to Bahrain so that one ruling family can be preserved, and now, trade relationship with the greatest enemy of Islam and humanity, Israel.

I can bear seeing Zionist traders on my motherland. And you call yourself a Muslim? Thing twice(about you calling yourself a Muslim, and not to forget, about this future relationship)

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